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    Message from the Principal:
Wow!  The 2014-2015 school year was a great year for improvement.  As you look at all students performance, full academic year, you will see that our 6th grade fell below state average  both in math and reading.  This is a pattern that we see each year and each year we make changes to offset the loss.  Our 7th grade students were 7 points ahead of the state average in math with a score of 74.  Quite a jump from their 6th grade score the previous year.  Geography fell 8 points below state average but still scored 56.  8th grade students had 5 test to complete, they scored as follows: Math 61, 6 points above state average, Reading 70, 6 points from state average but up from last year. History was 4 points above state average with a 67, Science 8 points below state average with a 45, and writing was 5 points above state average with a 68. Our 8th grade Alg. 1 was 100% passed with 94% advanced.
As always we will continue to assess and reassess our curriculum in order to implement the most rigorous and relevant programs.
Please note that you can access all reports from the following website: www.SchoolReportCard.org

Thank you,

Mrs. Tena Houser