Wildcat Teacher Spotlight

 Ronnie Miller - 

Associate’s degree : Murray State College

Bachelor’s degree:  East Central University

Professional experience

16 Total years of teaching, 15 at Madill High School

My Family

Amy Miller – 3rd Grade Teacher at Madill Elementary

Reagan Miller – 7th Grader at Madill High School

Addyson Miller – 1st Grader at Madill Early Childhood Center

I enjoy spending time running with my wife,  watching movies  with my girls, and playing golf. 

I feel there is a strong need for teachers to not only prepare students academically, but to also prepare them to be beneficial citizens in the community.  I hope and strive to be that teacher.

 Alycia Holder 

      Education- Bachelors Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood and Master Degree in Reading

My Family- Preston(husband), Hayden (9th), Elley (3rd) and Dawson (1st)

Hobbies/Interest- reading, anything crafty (making fun stuff with my daughter; sewing, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, etc)

I teach because my goal is to make a difference in the life of children and to make an impact on the world! I teach because I won’t give up on my kids or their futures!

I teach because there is no other profession where you have twenty-two little smiling enthusiastic faces walk through your door each morning happy to be there and asking, "What are we going to learn today?" I teach for that moment when my students go from looking at a book and telling their own story through the pictures, to being able to look at the words and read it for themselves.

I teach because children are our future.

I am a Wildcat through and through.  I believe in our schools, our administrators, principals, teachers and students…….Anything is possible if you are a WILDCAT!!!

         Brandon Jacks
I graduated from Madill High School in 1991. I attended the University of Oklahoma, graduated from Murray State College and Southeastern Oklahoma State University. I have been at Madill High School since 2001. I have been blessed with a niece and six nephews for which I am truly grateful. Jeffery, Erin, Spencer, Sheldon, Ethan, Paten and Samuel are absolutely gifts from God. I see God working in their lives and that is a great blessing. I have been fortunate to have worked in print and broadcast media. I have a brother and three sisters. They all graduated from Madill High School. My dad, Leston Jacks, was an educator in the Madill School system. My mother, Johnnie Ruth Jacks,  was a church secretary for two decades. They both were genuine people. I was taught to care for people through their example.

I have worked at some great places and have encountered wonderful people. However, Madill High School has been the best place so far. We have outstanding students at MHS. They are extremely smart and talented young people. We are at school because of them. Whatever we can do to help them achieve their goals is what I want to be about.

Sports is a passion of mine. I watch a lot of them. I am in awe of the talent at each level. I appreciate students who participate in extra-curricular activities beyond the bell. The time they invest in practice, travel and participation is incredible. They have to balance that with 40 hours in the classroom. It's just amazing to me. 

God has granted a great life with caring people all around me. I have benefited through their investment into my life.


Whatever you find to do, do it with all of your heart, as if unto the Lord and not a human master. For you know it is the Lord who provides you an inheritance and it is the Lord you are serving.  Colossians 3:23-24


God proves his love for us in this: While we were still yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8


In his heart a man plans his path, but it is the Lord that directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9


Charlotte Mapp 

Education:  Master’s Degree in Education, Students with Exceptionalities; Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Graduate of Madill High School 

 Professional Experience:  National Board Certified, Intermediate Social Studies; Three Year Federal Teaching American History Grant Participate, East Central State University, Vertical Team leader for Middle School Social Studies

Prior to being employed by Madill Public School, I worked at Ardmore High School, one year in Special Education, all subjects, and two years as the Department Chairman, teaching Algebra and Geometry.   My first teaching experience was at a very small rural Texas school.  I was Dodd City’s Special Education Teacher for one year.  

 I was hired in 2001, as a Social Studies teacher in the Madill Middle School.   I’ve taught 6th, 7th, and 8th graders Ancient History, Geography, and my favorite subject, American History.  I’ve also taught Drama for a few years and worked with the students on play productions.  

Family:  I  have been married for 33 years to my high school sweetheart, James Mapp.  We’ve been blessed with two children, Andle and T. J., and two bonus children, Jon and Matt who joined the family in 2005.  All four are graduates of Madill High School.   I have two grandchildren, Cayden and Melany.  

Hobbies/Interest:  Favorite pastimes are reading for pleasure, quilting (my grandmother’s favorite), and watching old black and white movies (my mother’s favorite).  I love to travel and prefer road trips to flying.  The family has spent many vacations combining my love of history and museums with their enjoyment of amusement parks.  

Education is my second career.  I was a banker for 16 years before I finally decided it was time to start doing what I  wanted to do, and I quit my day job to go back to college.   I love working with my students, and enjoy the challenge of coming up with lessons that will engage them.  I want my students to succeed and not just in their academic life.  I want them to understand that hard work and effort do pay off; that these two things will lead to future successes for them.  

I am honored to have been selected for this month’s spot light.  I feel blessed that I am teaching in a school system like Madill.  We have a dedicated faculty and staff who work every day to help our students learn subjects and skills needed to meet current and future challenges.

Amy Miller

I graduated from Milburn High School in 1997.  Later, I went on to complete two years at Murray State College then finished my degree at SOSU.  I am certified to teach both early childhood and elementary school. 


I have been a teaching third grade at Madill Elementary for eight years.  In that time I have had the privilege to learn what effective teaching should both look and sound like from those teachers around me.  I have been inspired by a school family who deeply cares about the success and well-being of children, as well as their co-workers.  During these past eight years I have had the honor of being nominated twice by my co-workers as the elementary school’s Teacher of the Year candidate.  I currently serve at the Chairperson for the Professional Development committee and have been the team leader for third grade for fours years.


I have been married for 12 years to Ronnie Miller who has supported me throughout the “ups and downs” of life.  We have two beautiful and smart children, Reagan 11 and Addyson 6.  God has blessed me with my family and I strive to be the wife and mother they need each and every day.


My hobbies include running and fitness.  About three years ago I was struck with an awakening to become healthy.  With the help and support of my family, as well as the ongoing positive comments of my school family, I lost over 160 pounds.  I have successfully kept it off by living healthy and continuing to exercise.   


I teach because it is my passion and I believed in children.  Kids deserve to be EXCITED about learning.  I want them to walk away with positive memories of engaging activities that were fun!  When they get excited it makes all the hard work and preparation worth it.  When I asked my kids to help me answer this question about why they think I teach, one little girl said, “because you love us!”  That is EXACTLY why I teach!


Madill Public School is filled with people who are on a mission for change.  I see such hard workers and dedicated educators each and every day.  They are truly on a mission to change lives for the better and I stay inspired by their dedication to our students.

 Tammara Cook

Education:  Master’s Degree in Reading from SOSU; Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Texas A&M University, Bachelor of Science in Animal Health from Sul Ross State University.

Professional Experience: National Board Certified in Early Childhood Education in 2008.  I am currently serving as the team leader for First Grade.

This is my 16th year to teach.  I taught 2nd grade for three years in Texas prior to moving to Oklahoma.  I taught a pull out reading/science class for K-5th for two years and have been teaching First grade for 11 years. 

I teach because I love little kids.  I love to see the “light” come on when they learn something new.  I tell my “parents” these kids become part mine when they walk through that classroom door on day one.  I love them and treat them as my own.  It’s a privilege to be able to nurture them through a year of learning, growing and living.  

Family: I have been married to Billy Cook for 23 years. We have two wonderful sons; Hunter is 18 and will graduate in May of this year, Colt is 16 and is a sophomore at Dickson High School. 

Hobbies: Anything Hunter or Colt are involved in, Reading, shopping, traveling with my family, and learning new things.  

Madill Schools has been an awesome to place to teach and I am honored to teach here and be recognized for the March spotlight.  I have been truly blessed to work for/with Dr. Lynda McDaniel for the past 11 years, she believes in me and that inspires me to be my best and strive for ways to better myself.  

My students are the BEST!  


       Mary Rushing 

   I graduated from Madill High School in 1984. Three years and a daughter later I realized that without an education I would possibly work for minimum wage the rest of my life.  I entered SOSU in the fall of 1987 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education in 1990. Going to college is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Prior to coming to Madill Middle School I taught 5th grade in Callisburg, TX. I came to Madill in 1993 as a 7th grade language arts and reading teacher. After several years I moved into the 8th grade reading position. I enjoy all middle schoolers but 8th grade is truly my favorite.

At the middle school, I am the Vertical Team leader for reading, Gifted and Talented site coordinator, and a member of the GEAR UP Advisory Committee. I also serve on the Madill Education Association Negotiations Team.

I have two daughters, Ashley and Jessica, both of which attended Madill Schools before going on to graduate from the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics. Ashley is graduating from the Naval Post Graduate School at the end of March with her masters in engineering. Jessica blessed our family with a precious grandson, Jackson.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love to travel, watch movies, and read. I had the pleasure last summer to join Lenore Pfaff in taking a group of students to Washington D.C. We are going to New York this summer.

I am blessed to work with the best group of people; they are my co-workers, friends, and family. Madill is my home, and this is my school. I want the very best for our school and community.